The Holiday Season is Here!

Daniele Martin
November 11, 2020

The holiday season is officially in full swing! This time of year is such a special time for so many people. It’s a time for families and friends to gather with one another to celebrate friendship, love and something a little deeper than our normal day-to-day interactions.

The holiday season is the perfect time for family portraits senior portraits. Both can feel like impossible tasks when planning for the holidays but from my experience this is the best time simply because all of your family members are in town together at one time.

As a senior picture photographer, I’ve learned that adding your teens senior portraits to the same day can save you time and you won’t have to muster up your teen for another day of photos. Senior pictures are a beautiful way to savor the now. You don’t want to miss your chance to capture your senior as they are now, in their last months as a high school student. Taking senior photos at this time of the year, not only allows you to send out your graduation announcements promptly, but it also allows you the opportunity to not feel like you have to rush the process. Taking senior pictures in December also allows you to use there pictures in your teens senior yearbook page!

As  family portrait photographer I’ve found that choosing a location can be a hard decision. My advice is to really think about the style you want to come through in your photos. Are you looking for a classic beach look? Are you looking for more of a country feel with railroad tracks? Or are you simply looking for a nice park with lots of greenery? Once you decide what you want out of your photos, the location choice becomes a lot more clear. I love shooting anywhere from an Orange County beach to one of our beautiful parks. Whichever location you choose don’t forget there’s still time to schedule a family session for Holiday gift and cards!

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