Holiday Family Portraits

Daniele Martin
October 9, 2020

It’s that time of year!

The holidays are rapidly approaching, parties are being planned and holiday family portraits are being scheduled. It’s the busiest time of year for almost everyone. From experience, I know how easy it is to fall behind during the holiday season. A quick, 60-minute photo shoot can give you the pictures you need for holiday cards and capturing your littles can make the best personalized gift for grandparents.

As a prime location to vacation, Huntington Beach boasts several beautiful locations for family photos. If you’re vacationing in Southern California, I’d love to work with you to capture your beautiful family moments. What’s better than a family holiday card? A holiday card from your big family vacation! Whether you’re in Huntington Beach or the surrounding area, we can work together to capture the perfect shots.

One of my favorite things about family portrait photography in Huntington Beach is the abundance of beautiful, photograph worthy locations. Whether you want to be on the beach, in the park or on the pier, Huntington Beach has the location for you.

Taking photos of you and your family, as it is right now, is precious. As a parent, the days can be long but boy do those years pass fast. Moments in our children’s lives are not to be missed. Let me help you stay ahead of the game by scheduling your holiday portraits for the upcoming season!

Has the question, “How much do photographers charge for family photos?” ever crossed your mind? Click here to check out my reasonable prices for family photos. One thing I love, as a family portrait photographer, is being able to capture sacred moments for families. Bring your smiles, pick out your outfits and let’s work together to plan the perfect family portrait!

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