Vacation Photo Ideas

Daniele Martin
June 25, 2020

Huntington Beach Is a beautiful vacation spot and a prime location for family photos during your stay on the West Coast.  Going to Disneyland? Make a day stop in HB, you can do a morning photo session and play on the beach the rest of the day!  Here are some tips on what to wear and how to plan the perfect photo session and lasting memory for your family…

  1. Bring your smile – seriously, as simple as that sounds, your vibe and attitude shows through more then the perfect shot or outfits! Resist getting mad at the kiddos, it will shift your thoughts from happy to frustrated and that’s shows in your photos! Plus, have you ever looked at a photo and thought how great they looked, smiling or looking at each other in a way that brings tears to your eyes?
  2. What to wear – This one is tough because really anything goes these days! You can wear a long gorgeous dress on the beach or shorts and a tank. Here’s the key, wear what you love, not something new unless you feel good in it! Take time to plan and lay it out, a week or two ahead is good. Plan options, here in HB it can be warm or chilly on the beach, even in summer, have options for layering. Wear clothing that fits against your body, not too loose but definitely NOT too tight, sheer layers are nice too. These days you can browse the internet for color schemes. Be careful not to mix patterns unless it’s a pattern with a stripe and add plenty of solids! You can also pick a pattern and base your scheme around that. Jeans.. try to coordinate darks or lights but not both together! Color looks great, I love a red dress on the beach!
  3. Ladies, lipstick yes, lipgloss no, it too shiny! Also, powder up, you’ll wanna avoid shine all together.
  4. Choose a time of day when your kids are awake and in a good mood, morning shoots are great for little ones! Be patient, its usually a one hour shoot, you can do anything for an hour right?! Plus, part of the beauty is letting them be them self’s, that’s what you want to capture!
  5. Snacks, if you have little ones, bring a little snack, something that won’t leave a stain if it spills or if they drool! Red sucker NO Cheerios YES. Something to tame a cranky moment but not so much that they just want to sit and snack, just enough to satisfy.
  6. Did I mention patience! Don’t forget, they just wanna have fun, follow their lead. Also, trust your photographer, this is what we do. Family photography is about having fun and creating moments. My clients say all the time, thank you for being so patient and making this fun! They can’t wait to see their photos when they get home!!

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